My trip home.

It’s been a good three weeks since I’ve last written and that’s because I was on vacation. Where was I you may ask? Well I was home!!

I had about two weeks off from school for Passover break. That coupled with some personal days I saved specifically for this occasion allowed me to go home for 18 days. I had been debating between taking a euro-trip or going home but in the end America won. I do like to travel but the appeal of my bed and home cooked meals after so much travel abroad was too strong.

I arrived home on March 27. There aren’t that many exciting things that can be said about my trip home. Most of my days were spent eating, shopping, or lounging around with my bulldog Bubba. But the trip was amazing and just what I needed. It may not sound exciting to a third party, but for me just being able to drive around in my car or sleep in my own bed was completely satisfying. Some of the more exciting highlights of my trip are as follows:

1. Went to dim sum in china town 3 times. My family and I have this one spot that we love called Pings. I think my three trips there actually happened within a week and a half of me being home. After dim sum we always end the afternoon with some bubble tea.

10999805_10153738821129606_3454849767398473551_n 1378846_10153738821444606_6307044672277022223_n

2. Got a massage with my mom. My mom had offered to take me to see a show on Broadway, but I suggested some mommy-daughter massage time instead. It was relaxing and just what I needed.

3. Spent 2 nights in the city with my best friend. She recently moved into Murray Hill and I couldn’t wait to see her apartment. On one night we enjoyed a relaxing sushi evening, the other an adventurous one that ended with a 4am bed time.


4. Fixed the radio on my car with my dad. The battery died on my car over the winter so my dad had to get it replaced. However, after this happened the radio was on lock mode. We had to watch about 15 youtube videos until we figured out how to unlock it.

5. Celebrated my dad’s birthday. Happy anniversary of your 39th birthday dad!!


6. Had 2 amazing Passover Seders at my mom’s house. No bread, no problem.


7. Watched bravo tv with my mom. The Real Housewives of New York City started so I was thrilled.

8. Spent a weekend with my brother. We’re usually not in the same city, let alone the same country so it was nice to get to spend some brother-sister time with him.



9. Went to doctors appointments in English. It was so nice to make an appointment in English and walk into the office and know that all my symptoms and complaints would be completely understood.

10. Ate a lot of bacon. And by a lot I mean a lot. I went to a diner one morning and ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, with a side of bacon. I take my bacon game seriously.


11. Ate Mexican food twice. The one thing Israeli is lacking is good Mexican food so these meals were a necessity.

12. Met my grandma and cousin, uncle, and cousin for lunch. There’s this one deli that my family always meets at when we are having lunch meetups. I also got to eat a pastrami sandwich so that made my day.

 13. Got a new iPhone! I am now the proud owner of a pretty iPhone 6.

14. Played soccer with my little brothers. They love to play outside in our backyard. I made the game even more fun by bringing Bubba along to chase after the soccer balls.


15. Bought 5 new books at Barnes and Noble. This added a lot of weight to my suitcase but I just couldn’t help myself.

16. Went to The Museum of Modern Art. It was nice to do something cultural on my trip home. I also got to eat my favorite snack, a New York City pretzel.


17. Spent a day in the mall with my brothers. Our day was filled with shopping for legos and vans for them, and a little bit of Urban Outfitters and Starbucks for me.


18. Went to my favorite restaurant in New York City. Delicatessen is my all time favorite restaurant because of their spinach and artichoke dip and variety of mac and cheese dishes.


19. Bought macaroons from Laduree. Since my connection in Paris was really short (I actually had to run to make my flight home because the flight from Israel was delayed), I needed macaroons. As I sadly ran by the Laduree stand in CDG airport, I knew I had to redeem myself and buy some from the store in SoHo.


20. Movie and sundae night my final night. Enough said.

Overall my trip home was a perfect combination of excitement and relaxation. There wasn’t one person I didn’t get to see or one restaurant I didn’t get to eat at. Now that I’m back in Israel I am going to enjoy my time here as much as I can before it’s back to New Jersey for the summer.

Also, these past two weeks in Israel are really special. Last week on Thursday was Holocaust Memorial Day. Today is Memorial Day to remember all of the fallen soldiers and victims of terror. Starting tonight and carrying into tomorrow is Independence Day. So there have been a lot of ceremonies in my school and throughout the country. My next post will focus more on that.

That’s all for now!


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