dust storms are an actual thing.

Israel is a desert. Yeah I know that. But I didn’t know that dust storms existed in the world let alone in the country I’m living in. It was really windy yesterday which I guess was the perfect condition to create a dust storm.

I left my apartment this morning and walked into a hazy brown smog. But it wasn’t smog, it was thick and just disgusting. I had never experienced anything like this before and it almost made me miss the snow. I kept on wondering if this is what Americans had to deal with during the Dust Bowl in the 1930s. I would have been really depressed too.

Amanda and I started our trek to school, and kept walking past people with sleeves and scarfs over their mouths. We wondering if we were also supposed to be doing this so the hypochondriac in me started fearing for my life.

The worst part of the walk was dust kept on getting blown into my eyes.The intense wind was sort of like catch-22. Every so often a strong gust would come and provide momentarily relief blowing some of the dust out of my eyes, only to replace it with a fresh batch a few seconds after.Β By the time I got to school there was an unhealthy amount of dust stuck in my contact lenses. But since I am pretty much legally blind without them and didn’t have my glasses there was nothing I could do.

After the walk home from school I took out my contacts, but every so often I blink and wipe away some dust particles from my eyes. It just started to rain so I’m hoping tomorrow will just be a rainy day instead of this dusty situation.

Just a short update. Stay warm in the snow everyone at home. And everyone is Israel, good luck washing the dust away!


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