the israeli postal system just took 10 years off my life.

ksajsfhkjadfhksjdfhjasfhskfhskjf. I’ve been having a very frustrating past couple of days and its only because of things that would happen because I am in Israel.

I ordered a few books from the Book Depository almost a month ago. I waited and waited. Checking my mailbox everyday after school hopeful for the prized package slip. But no package slips. No packages stuffed into my mailbox. I thought it was taking a little too long. Mona had order books from the same company the month before and got her books within two weeks, something that the company promises even for international shipping.

Another week passed and still nothing. Until the other night, on Saturday when I got a text from Lauren who lives in the apartment upstairs. Apparently one of our neighbors had one of my packages (the books were coming in three separate shipments). He had been at the post office earlier and they had given him my package because we live in the same building. I was dumbfounded. That couldn’t be right. How is it okay that some man I don’t even know, and clearly doesn’t know me since he gave my package to the wrong apartment full of Americans, get my package. And even worse, where are my other two???

There were many things wrong with this situation:

1. The post office is supposed to check IDs before giving out packages, so why did they give mine to my neighbor?

2. It’s illegal in Israel, as in many other countries, to give random people someone else’s mail. But I guess that’s a loose guideline in Israel.

3. He didn’t even bring the package to the right apartment. It says Molly Winik, Apartment 9 in pretty big letters, not apartment 10 where he brought it. Maybe he just couldn’t be bothered with walking down the stairs?

4. I never got a package slip from the post office. Usually if mail doesn’t fit in the mailbox we get a slip and have to bring it with our passports to the post office. Once they match the slip to package and check your passport, you are free to go.

5. It said that I had received notice for the package on January 27. (a) As mentioned above I never got said notice. (b). If the package came on January 27, my other two packages shipped only one day apart must be in the country already. So where the hell are they? Or more realistically who did the post office give them to?

So I went to the post office today to try and deal with the situation. Here’s an account of what happened in list form:

1. Walked in, of course the person who is in charge of delivering packages to customers isn’t there. Wait for her. She finally comes.

2. She tells me there is no way to find out if my packages have arrived. They don’t organize packages my address or name because well that would make too much sense.

3. She notices my defeated face and invites me into the back of the post office to look through all the packages and see if mine is there. I look for thirty minutes and discover that Mona got a package, but not me.

4. I tell her that my neighbor was given my package and it’s illegal. She tells me I should go to the other post office a 15 minute walk away and file a complaint.

5. Great, thanks. But still where are my other two packages. Her response: no idea.

6. I go to the other post office and find the manager. He is a really nice guy. I tell him what happened with my package being given to my neighbor. He’s sorry and tells me to follow him.

7. We go to the back room where all the sorting happens. I am introduced to my mailman. Actually it’s a mail lady. She’s the one who delivers all of our mail.

8. The manager tells her that I never received a package slip and thus my package was released to a stranger. She apologizes. So much for it being illegal, seems like her and the manager were laughing about the situation. I guess that’s what filing a complaint is in Israel.

9. She tells me that she’ll remember my name and where I live and will take care of my mail from now on.

10. Great. BUT WHERE ARE MY OTHER TWO PACKAGES. They don’t know.

11. I leave, having basically accomplished nothing.

So needless to say I am very frustrated today. I know they are just books, things that are easily replaceable. But I shouldn’t have to worry about getting mail and wondering where it goes or where it ends up with. I think the most aggravating thing about it is that there’s nothing I can do. These books could be on the coffee table of a random family that lives in my apartment building and I’d have no idea. They could have fallen behind some shelf in the post office and no one would know the difference.

The silver lining, I got one of my books even though it went from the post office to a random neighbor to the wrong apartment full of Americans in my building. I’m hoping that tomorrow after all this hassle and worrying they’ll be in my mailbox tomorrow. But I don’t want to get my hopes too high. Because when it comes to the Israeli postal system, it’s all luck.


2 thoughts on “the israeli postal system just took 10 years off my life.

  1. Alex says:

    Molly. Look at the bright side. From here on you will ALWAYS appreciate the US Postal System. The great thing about living some where else we will not take for granted how simple, easy and good life is back in the US of A. Keep up the writing and looking forward to seeing you on Passover.


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