Thanksgiving away from home.

It’s Thanksgiving today so I am feeling a little homesick. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Obviously the food is really good and it’s the one day a year your can totally stuff your face and unbutton your pants. It would be weird if you didn’t. But I’ve always liked Thanksgiving because it’s when the whole family gets together. Everyone comes home from school or doesn’t have work, and it’s just a day to be around the people most important in your life. So I am a little bummed about not being home today,  but I also knew coming here that it would be the hardest day of the year for me to not be at home.

I do have a Thanksgiving celebration tonight though. Some of the people on my program are having a potluck dinner tonight to celebrate. It won’t be the same as being at home but I’ll at least be with a different type of family, my new friends in Israel. There’s going to be so much food and I am really looking forward to it as I’m currently eating a bowl of cereal for lunch at work. I’m in charge of bringing the drinks because well obviously I can’t cook (clearly since I’m eating cereal for lunch). It should be a fun evening and I definitely plan on wearing leggings to plan for any post meal bloating.

This past week in school was really productive. We pretty much just brushed the incidents with that lady (Lisa if you’ve been following the story) from last week off our shoulders. We’ve been taking the kids we want to work with regardless of what she says and it seems to be working really well. We’re just about finished with the pen pal letters for our sixth graders; just a few more kids need to finish up. And our fifth grade classes are preparing their plays. One of our classes performed “The Robbery” today. Each student wore their costumes (one girl brought in a full FBI uniform), and eagerly took their place in the front of the classroom. Amanda and I were so proud of them as they did a wonderful job. One of the students was too shy and did not want to do the play once class began. I felt really bad, but he must have just been nervous. I secretly slipped him a lollipop after class to make him feel better. It was awesome to see all of our hard work and practicing pay off. And the kids were so proud of themselves. Even if they aren’t always learning from the textbook, the students working on the Robbery have improved their reading skills and learned new vocabulary words like safe, criminals, and diamonds. Our other fifth grade class will perform Titanic 2 next week and I am just as excited to see that. It’s so cool to see how excited they are about learning English. Every class they run up to Amanda and me begging us to work on their plays or letters that period, almost on the verge of tears when we tell them there is something else planned. That’s why I know it’s working.

On a much more exciting note… I got into grad school!! I found out earlier this week that I was accepted into Tel Aviv University for a Master’s in Political Science and Political Communication. Every person I called to tell the good news to simply said, “Well yea, I knew you were going to get in.” But I was still excited and thrilled. I had been anxious waiting to hear because even though everyone else was so sure of my acceptance I was not. I am very excited but it will be very strange to be back in the classroom next year, completely changing roles from teacher to student.

Sadly there was no family dinner this week because of a slight change in the apartment’s schedule. We did all go out to eat dinner together on Tuesday night though to celebrate my good news. However, Mona still helped me make a really yummy treat for myself. It was like a quick baked apple, like apple pie without any of the crust, just apples, cinnamon, sugar, and water. It was really yummy!

I also got a package today from my dad. Mostly of stuff I asked him to send me like another scarf (since its been so freezing here), a new water bottle, and most importantly gold fish, which I have not been able to find here. So even though I am missing Thanksgiving, I still got a little bit of home sent to me. A little bit about the weather here this week. I actually felt like I was living in Seattle and not Israel. It literally rained for four days straight. And not just a light drizzle. Like actual downpour, the definition of raining cats and dogs.  On Wednesday I was walking to school in shoes that I always wore in America in the rain. But this wasn’t any usual rainstorm. I was walking through like 3 inches of water, and by the time I got to school my socks were completely soaked through. I ended up taking them off and wearing no socks in the morning until my teacher told me to go to the store next store and by new socks. I was told later on that day that supposedly in Israel in the winter you are always supposed to bring an extra pair of socks with you just in case. Who knew. Oh and later that day on the walk home my umbrella broke because of the rain and wind. Israel: 2, Molly: 0.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone back home. I miss you guys!!!


A giant branch that fell blocking a pedestrian path because of the storms here.


My fancy baked apple dessert.




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