It’s my birthday!!!

Well today is my birthday!! I am 22!

Before I get into my birthday festivities, I’ll tell you a little about this past week. The week was just a lot of training and more orientation, and it was very long and very busy. From school observations, to teacher training, to some of my first Hebrew lessons I was pretty much out of my apartment from 8am until 7pm almost every day of the week. Although the training was helpful I thought it was too poorly timed for me to get a lot out of it. Sitting through a less than stimulating 90 minute lecture at 10 in the morning proved to be difficult for a recent college graduate. The students I observed in an 80 minute English class did better than I did and they’re only 12.

Observation in school went a lot better than I though it would. The kids were very excited to meet myself and my teaching partner Amanda. I was told that Israeli classrooms can be a bit “balagan” which in Hebrew just means pure madness and craziness. Some of the classes I saw were very well behaved while others lived up to my expectations of pure chaos in the classroom. Luckily I will only be teaching a few students at a time so I won’t have to deal wth such madness right away. Well hopefully.

Yesterday was my first actual day in the classroom although most of the day was spent observing the class and getting to know the students better. I definitely have my favorites already and I look forward to taking small groups of kids out of the classroom. I can already tell that there are a few students that really want to learn and are eager to improve their English. But most of the classes have such varying levels that it’s hard to cater to all the different talents. That’s where Amanda and I come in.

And as I mentioned before today is my birthday!! I finally turned 22 but I still feel young as I am the baby of all my friend groups and am still a year behind everyone else. My birthday started early, as I received a ridiculous amount of chocolate, brownies, cookies, and candy in the mail from my family back in America. My roommates also surprised me with a cake yesterday, which was a very nice surprise. At school today my birthday only got better. All the classes I saw today sang happy birthday to me in both Hebrew and English. And I received many cards from the students. Most were written in broken English (happy birsday was the most popular spelling) which only made the cards more adorable.

I planned a big celebration tonight with another fellow who’s birthday is 4 days after mine. Were going to a local outdoor bar for some drinks. We have school again tomorrow so I’m going to save the crazy celebrations for this weekend in tel aviv.

More to come later this week!


2 thoughts on “It’s my birthday!!!

  1. Sally Rosenberg says:

    Dear Molly, So glad your birthday was so much fun—-very happy birthday and so much love from me! I was in N.J. at Nina’s last week and saw Ben. We went to dinner with Ben, Carly,Nina,Ken and myself and had a great evening—–the only one missing was you! I hope you’re loving Israel and you’re job. Again my love and kisses, Grandma

    Sent from my iPad



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