And the packing has begun.

Sorry for the delay in writing. I’ve been spending most of the past week or so packing and unpacking, rearranging piles of clothes and bags of shoes to try to make it all fit. Yes I said one week. Packing for a year is not easy. The shopaholic that I am can persuade myself that I need everything in my closet even if it’s a shirt I haven’t worn in 3 years. And don’t even get me started on the struggle that went on in my mind when trying to decide which shoes to bring.  My mom and I tried about ten different ways to pack all my clothes the other night before we surrendered and started drinking vodka to ease the anxiety. We even tried those ziplock space bags to try to shrink all my clothes into small manageable cubes. Because of the shape of my suitcase the cubes proved to be more cumbersome than space saving. From t-shirts to leggings to sweatshirts and pajamas it just seemed like I would never fit it all. But after pulling my back out (or convincing myself I did) and regretfully editing out some of my clothes, all the zippers managed to close. But I still don’t think I packed enough sweaters. 

I won’t mention the amount of clothes and shoes I am bringing. But I will admit it is embarrassing and I definitely will be paying extra for baggage weight fee. Well come to think of it I won’t since my dad is flying over with me and is allowed to have two bags that are 70 pounds because of his member status, and guess whose bags those will be? 

 Thankfully I’ve been told that most people do not dress up when going out in Israel. So I did not have to worry about packing anything fancy, checking one thing off my seemingly endless list of clothes to pack. Although I like to believe I have a sense of fashion, dressing for clubs has never been my forte. Don’t get me wrong I like to dress up from time to time but parading around in a mini skirt in 6 inch heels that I cannot even walk around in when sober does not fit my description of fun. Even though I measure a mere 5 feet 2 inches on a good day, I never, nor ever will have the ability to walk in heels. So it seems like Israel really is the place for me.

Now it’s two days until I leave and I’m already putting my passport in my backpack so I don’t forget it. My next post will probably come to you from Israel so keep following!! 


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